Shipping an Excavator isn’t very different from the other heavy equipments and we ship all of them. The dimensions of it may vary but it’s pretty much the same. The company needs to give special attention to the safety during the transit while ecavator shipping.

Protected Shipment

Whenever we are shipping a heavy equipment our ultimate focus must be on choosing the right trailer for a safer experience during transit & at time of delivery.

Trailer for Excavator

Not every trailer that can be used in shipping an excavator. Mostly a lowboy trailer is used while others are used as per the dimensions of the excavator.

Things You Should Expect

  • Dimensions of the Excavator

    The first and foremost thing you need to mention is the size, weight etc and will determine what trailer should be used for your excavator. It could be a simple flatbed or lowboy etc.

  • A Higher Price

    You should expect to pay a price slightly higher than other vehicles in all the heavy equipments as they are bigger in size and needs utmost care to be delivered safely.

  • Ample Time in Delivery

    Because of the vehicle’s dimension it takes proper due diligence in order to make the delivery. Due to that it takes ample time for your delivery to get done & you must expect that.

Factors Affecting the Price

In order to know the aspects that affect the pricing you need to be aware of them. There are only 4 of them in case of an excavator & here are they:

  • Model and make of the excavator.
  • The dimensions such as size and length etc.
  • Whether the excavator is operational or not?
  • It’s Weight.