How are Oversized Vehicles Shipped

How are Oversized Vehicles Shipped

How are Oversized Vehicles Shipped

Even though a substantial part of the vehicle shipping industry is taken up by car shipping, there is a vast catalogue of vehicles that deserves special attention. We are talking about overweight vehicles which are more challenging to ship than regular cars due to individual preparation and procedures required for their transportation.


Ship-A1 experience in the vehicle shipping industry has provided us with the knowledge to transport any oversized vehicles efficiently. We have handled the countless number of oversized vehicle transport ranging from vans, lifted trucks, and all the way up to RV transport and haul heavy equipment. As a natural explanation, if you are need of shipping large autos, we are the company capable of getting it done.

What are Oversized Vehicles?

An oversize vehicle is defined as being a vehicle that cannot fit onto an open auto transport carrier. Overweight vehicles, especially the tall and bulky ones, need an alternative means of transport.

Most auto transportation companies base their shipping quotes on standard-sized vehicles the likes of the Honda Civic. Car shipping companies adjust their prices for larger vehicles like minivans, SUV, and pickup trucks. However, even these vehicles are not considered oversized. Both open and enclosed carrier trailers are designed for standard-sized SUV's and sedans, and it is neither safe nor legal to use them for transporting such loads as excavator or construction machines because these heavy machines exceed the size and weight road restriction imposed by federal or state laws.


Before starting the shipping process, it is essential to consider the following size and weight limits urged by the Department of Transportation.


  • Weight: Gross vehicle weight should not be more than 80,000 lbs.

  • Width: No wider than 102 inches, not including side mirrors, handholds etc.)
  • Height: No higher than between 13" to 14", though each state has its own restriction it between the limits.

If the vehicle exceeds these limits, it is considered as overweight and will require a permit for driving on a highway, in some cases an escort vehicle or most likely special routing. Some example of oversized vehicles are limousines, buses, large vans, and pickup trucks with oversized tires or construction equipment.

Types of Carriers for Overweight Loads

  • Flatbed Truck: This carrier is cheaper than other types of large open hauling trucks, they are most commonly used for construction and farm machines that are not very vulnerable to weather conditions.
  • Lowboy Truck: This is suitable for great height as the platform is located very low to the ground comparing to other types of truck carriers.
  • Drop Deck Truck: This carrier is best suited for tall vehicles as its floor level can be adjusted.

Challenges Related to Overweight Shipping

Since the transport trucks with flatbeds have to cohere to increases in rules and regulation in transporting an oversized vehicle on the road.

  • Higher Shipping Quote: Because of the difficulty involved, you can be charged a higher price amount for the specialty carriers as there are fewer of them available. The bigger and heavier the vehicle, the expensive its shopping cost will be. As the carrier will have to use more engine power to deliver the burden, carriers fuel economy also decreases the more extended the route is, resulting in the cost being transferred to you.
  • Slow Shipping Process: Most auto shipping companies that you would opt for may not be able to find an appropriate carrier to ship your overweight vehicle quickly. Shipping companies will not be ready to ship your vehicle on car hauliers that they usually use for small cars. As a result, if you need to get your oversized vehicle shipped to a destination on an urgent basis, it may not make it there in time. For an overweight car, the shipping company will have to look elsewhere for the speciality carriers that will provide them with the service they require. Because of the lack of availability of flatbeds, a client may have to wait sometime before his vehicle is picked up.

Tackling the Challenges Related to Oversized Shipping

  • Communicate: It is of utmost importance that you communicate with the representative from the auto shipping company from the get-go and let them know the weight, width, and height of the vehicle. This will help determine the shipping quote accurately and what kind of carrier is required to ship the car.
  • Plan Ahead: Due to lack of availability of flatbeds transporting the heavy-duty vehicles takes more time. It is recommended that you schedule the delivery days ahead of time. It is challenging to transport oversize vehicles on an urgent basis.
  • Budget: Budget yourself to take into account the increase in price in comparison to shipping a standard vehicle. You do not want to overcharged when your shipping company gives you a quote that is way more than you anticipated.

It can be harder to ship an overweight vehicle than as compared to a standard car. But that does not mean it is impossible, you can fill out our free online quote ship any car regardless of the size. Ship-A1 understand what it takes to ship any kind of automobile and have the resources to get it done.


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