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How Effective Auto Shipping is Beneficial - ShipA1

How Effective Auto Shipping is Beneficial

How Effective Auto Shipping is Beneficial

How Effective Auto Shipping is Beneficial

Cars are an essential element in our lives, and driving is part of many people's daily routine. The desire to drive everywhere is a big part of American culture. Just the idea of an open road, navigating the spiderweb of highways, passing canyons and mountains, makes our hearts beat faster.
Driving across the country means spending money on gas, lodging, food, and also emergencies, including flat tires. Driving a vehicle for any length of time is going to cause abrasions on the engine, body, and wheels. This is the sort of things an auto transport company is going to help you with.

Auto Transport Can be Inexpensive


Perhaps you think it is expensive to ship a car, but it is not as valuable for driving yourself. Driving yourself 3000+ miles is not something anyone has time and energy for it. This is the principal reason why people decide to ship a vehicle as opposed to pushing it across the country. You can save a lot of money if you know the ins and outs of the shipping industry.

  • Do Research: When choosing the right company to ship your vehicle. It is advisable to do extensive research. It is generally a good practice to contact multiple shipping companies to compare prices, services, and customer satisfaction. Contacting various companies is the way to go when looking for competing bids for a service you are seeking.
  • Distance and Location: The auto shipping companies factor in fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs in the long-distance shipping. The type of location is the main determinating factor as compared to distance. For example, if you are going to ship your vehicle to a major city like Las Vegas. Auto carriers may offer a cheap shipping quote because steering in the city is easier for carriers. Shipping your vehicle to a rural area, where the truck may have to stir away from their main route, the company may request higher fares.
  • Size and Weight: The most common factor affecting the price of shipping a vehicle is the size and weight. The larger the car, the more space and weight have, thus making it expensive to transport. Smaller and more compact cars take less space and are lighter, which reflects a cheaper cost for transporting. Large vehicles are heavier, and alongside taking more space on the trailer, this affects the fuel consumption of the auto transporting truck.
  • Car Hauling Season: The shipping industry has its high and low season, just like most industries. Summer seasons bring more demands for the shipping, and loads are picked up faster. Since the market is higher than supply, some people are willing to pay a higher price to get their vehicles onto trucks more quickly. Auto transport industry takes advantage of this fact to compensate for the slow business in the winter season.
    On the other hand, the winter season can be cheaper due to less demand for car shipping. Therefore, carriers are competing for business and have more open spaces on their trailers that they are trying to fill. It is always advisable to wait in the summer season to save some money and transport your vehicle in winter.
  • Attractive Rates and Discounts: Many transport companies provide staggering rates and special discounts depending on the seasons. This can be seen as an advantage as it can save you a lot of time and money. These discount come due to competition among auto industries.
  • Insurance Coverage: Insurance companies provide coverage when shipping your vehicle using an auto shipping company. These insurance companies inspect the vehicle before sending for shipping and also conduct an extensive examination to look for any damaged vehicle it is transported.
  • How Urgent you Need your Vehicle: Availability of carrier is also essential. The trucks operate on different routes every day, and the variables are a lot higher such as seasonal changes, traffic, and customer's schedules. So the essential tip is that, make your scheduling needs to be known.

Services Provided by Auto Shipping Companies


  • Open Auto Shipping: A wench is required to haul the car onto an open carrier. An open trailer is cost-effective as compared to an enclosed truck. Open carriers save your time as your car is picked and delivered faster, but the major disadvantage of this service is that your car would get exposed to dust and road debris.
  • Enclosed Auto Transport: A lift-gate is used to load your vehicle onto an enclosed trailer. This service comes with premium services like higher insurance, constant communication, and GPS tracker. This premium service will cost you more, but this service protects your car in extreme weather conditions.
  • Door to Door Service: This service is an expensive service providing you with the leisure that your car would be packed and shipped at your provided location.
  • Terminal To Terminal: This is an affordable service in which you have to take your vehicle to a terminal for pickup. After the vehicle being transported, you have to collect it from the terminal.
  • Expedited Shipping: This service is used for shipping your vehicle within a particular time and cannot afford delay. Expedited shipping is exclusively available at Ship-A1.


Preparing Your Car For Transport

After picking your trusted auto transport company, now is the time to make your vehicle ready for shipping. Auto shippers always charge a non-operable fee if the vehicle is not in the condition to be driven on and off the truck. Make sure your car battery is charged, and there is the necessary fuel in the tank. This helps prevents being charged with a non-operable fee.It is of great importance to inform your auto shipping agent about any unusual things about your car.

Shipping experience in the vehicle shipping industry has provided Ship-A1 with the knowledge to transport any oversized vehicles efficiently. We have handled the countless number of oversized vehicle transport ranging from minivans, lifted trucks, and all the way up to RV transport and haul heavy equipment. As a natural explanation, if you are in need of shipping large autos, we are the company capable of getting it done.