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RORO Shipping

Ship-A1 is a car shipping company based in the united states. We provide car shipping services across all countries in the united states to worldwide destinations. When shipping vehicle overseas, the most frequently used shipping option is RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) Shipping. RORO shipping is the simplest and easiest method of transportation for the vehicle. The vehicle is driven directly onto the RORO vessel and secured to the car deck. They are securely inside the boat. Wind-and-watertight .it is essential to note that you cannot ship personal effects using this method. Still, spare tire and factory fitted accessories are allowed. RORO overseas shipping is a popular way of transporting cargo to other counties. Ship-A1 is connected with different best cargo companies they carried your vehicle to other counties. Our agents taking care of clearing documents and other paperwork for you. We are providing Facilities in roro shipping service our experts are here to help you in your roro shipping from us to their following ports. Ship-A1is providing RORO Shipping service from U.S to in these Following:

City : Lagos

City : Takoradi

City : Tema

City : Lome

City : Dakar

City : Abidjan

City : Banjul

City : Conakry

City : Cotonou

City : Douala

City : Freetown

City : Libreville

City : Luanda

City : Monrovia

City : Pointe-Noire

When it comes to the international transportation of vehicles, importers usually prefer one of two primary shipping methods: Container shipping and RORO shipping. Either one of these is quite practical and secure when it comes to the safe transportation of your vehicle. However, there is some consideration to be made in terms of whether or not RORO is the better of the two options. So, today we discuss the benefits and flaws of the RORO shipping methods, as well as the difference it has in comparison with container shipping. The auto car shipping companies provide exceptional service for the transportation of the car from one place to another place. The best thing about the car shipping with a trusted and popular company is that the company will make the car shipping service to another level. However, if you are thinking of shipping the car internationally, then nothing can beat the (Roll-on/Roll-off) services. It involves the movers to rolling the automobile up a ramp into the cargo deck of a commercial ship. Thousands of vehicles are now shipping with the help of the (Roll-on/roll-off) car shipping.

Benefits of RORO Shipping Service:

Some of the advantages are as follows: For the shipper, the interest is speed. Since cars and lorries can drive straight on to the ship at one port and then drive off at the other port within a few minutes of the ship docking, it saves much time of the shipper. It can also integrate well with additional transport development, such as containers. The use of Customs-sealed units has enabled frontiers to be crossed with the minimum of delay. Therefore, it increases the speed and efficiency of the shipper. The ship has also proved extremely popular with holidaymakers and private car owners. It has significantly contributed to the growth of tourism. A person can take his car from one country to another by the sea with the help of a RORO vessel.

  • Affordability:

    RORO is the most preferred shipping method to ship vehicles from one port to the other. It is also the fastest method of transportation that will free you of any additional expenses. If your country uses CIF to calculate duties and taxes, then you can save double, and as long as you keep on shipping, you indeed save on tax duties too! Now that's a good deal.

  • Convenient:

    The outstanding and useful fact about RORO shipping is that it can apply to any vehicle. So long as you or the professional moving company you hire provide a trailer with wheels for boats and caravans, you do not need to pull them apart to fit inside a container. You may even be able to drive your car right from the destination port if you have enough gas left in the tank.

  • Safe:

    You might have read some articles concerned about the safety of the stuff they ship. As long as you have chosen RORO car shipping, you will not have to worry about the security of your vehicles.

  • Fast:

    This mode of shipping is used when you want to transport your vehicle on urgent or when time is essential. The standard vehicle shipping services take more days for shipping overseas, but RORO car shipping is more efficient than its alternatives.

  • Insurance:

    The various companies which offer the RORO service are now providing car insurance. Therefore, international car shipping is pretty safe now after incorporating coverage. The company covers not only the safety of the car but also, they verify the damages. In addition to that, the company scrutinizes the condition of the vehicle as they are liable for the damages.

  • Fast:

    This mode of shipping is used when you want to transport your vehicle on urgent or when time is essential. The standard vehicle shipping services take more days for shipping overseas, but RORO car shipping is more efficient than its alternatives.

  • Attractive Rates and Discounts:

    The service not only delivers car internationally at a very affordable price rate but also, they provide various attractive discounts. This can be an added advantage. Many companies offer discounts to maintain healthy competition in the market.

  • Shipping Process:

    The shipping process is convenient, and it takes the least time when it comes to processing international shipping. Therefore, many people trust the RORO shipping. Therefore, if you are planning international car shipping, then you can rely on RORO services.

  • Safety:

    Although RORO shipping is considered more affordable and convenient, it is also more high-risk in terms of vehicle safety. The main reasons for this are the loading/unloading stage, during which accidents can occur, and the extensive exposure to diverse climate changes.

  • Speed:

    The lack of RORO availability at specific ports can cause delays in transportation. If this does occur, importers have to find a port that offers this option in their close vicinity.

  • Saves Times and Money:

    Another advantage is the affordability. It is one of the cheapest international shipping services which deliver the automobiles on time. Therefore, it also saves time. The air shipping and another way of international shipping are pretty expensive when it compares with the RORO shipping.


How To Approach RoRo Shipping?

The key to successful overseas car shipping is careful planning well in advance of your planned transport date. Give yourself ample time to arrange all the paperwork and prepare your car for transportation. If you are delivering a car, ATV/UTV, camper or heavy equipment, the vehicle must be drivable and have correctly functioning steering and brakes. The automobile must be clean with no hanging parts or leaking fluids, deployed airbags or broken glass. Cars which are shipped inside a ferry must be completely clean other than factory equipment which came with the vehicle such as floor mats, a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. If you are transporting a motorcycle, you need to remove any storage pouches or other loose items. All automobiles must contain less than 1/4th tank of fuel, and any propane tanks in motorhomes must be fully drained. The keys for the car must remain in the vehicle.

Understanding RORO Shipping Costs

Factors that affect the RORO auto transport cost are consistent because the process is so efficient and very little preparation is needed. There are certain factors which can increase the value of delivery, which we can briefly review in the section below.

  • Distance:

    Distance as always is one of the significant factors that determine the cost of auto shipping. There is little car preparation required as compared with containerized car transport, shipping by RORO car shipping still involves the same types of expenses as the other type of auto transport, for the most part, fuel and labor costs. More distance equates to the higher delivery cost.

  • Custom and taxes:

    GGenerally, taxes on imported vehicles can be high. Depending on the trade regulations and federal standards, you can face an import tax that is equal to the value of your car.


Our RORO Shipping Process Explained:

Ship-A1's ultimate goal is to make auto shipping easy for customers. In this, we have simplified the process of what you can expect from us.

Step 1: The client contacts about shipping his vehicle overseas and provides us with necessary documents relating to its automobile.

Step 2: Ship-A1 starts preparing your documents for secure shipping, and you receive the bill detailing the cost of taxes.

Step 3: The vehicle is shipped to the port for departure, seen through customs and loaded on its shipping vessel. You are provided manual tracking, informing you about the significant updates. Without Ship-A1, planning the RORO can be hugely frustrating. You can trust us to offer safe and secured car shipping services that would be much more reliable than that of other RORO shipping companies in the U.S. Avail special discounts by choosing our RORO shipping and ship your vehicle at a reasonable price. Ship-A1 is known in the car shipping industry as a reliable, affordable, and customer-focused provider of auto transport services.

Variations of a RORO shipping:

The individual differences of a ro-ro ship are as follows:
Pure Car carriers (PCC) /Pure Car Truck Carriers (PCTC) Pure Car carriers (PCC) /Pure Car Truck Carriers (PCTC)have a box-like framework, with the arrangement of ramps to load and unload the cargo. The pure car carrier is used to transport only cars whereas PCTC is used to transport all types of vehicles. These consists of a quarter ramp in a stern, two slopes on both the sides, covered internal ramps and hostable decks are used to transfer the cars into multi-level decks. Vehicles drive directly into the ship and via internal ramp system to various decks.


Principal Sources of Danger:

Though Ro-Ro vessel's make a tiny proportion of the Merchant marine tonnage, there have been many accidents involving these, giving rise to far worse consequences. It is essential to understand the "Sources of Danger "which leads to such petrifying situations. These sources of danger don't only affect the safety of roll-on/roll-off vessels but also the passenger/crew in it.

How safe is RORO:

Commercially Ro-Ro's have always been successful due to its flexibility, integration and operational speed. Despite being commercially successful. RORO has always been criticized for its design and is also said to be one of the reasons for the severe accidents involving RORO. Mainly the concerns are from the safety point of view.

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