Ship Gifted Vehicle to Your Loved One

Ship Gifted Vehicle to Your Loved One

Ship Gifted Vehicle to Your Loved One

What is more surprising than having a vehicle at your doorstep gifted to you by your loved ones? 

There are many occasions where we have a get together with our family. Occasions like Christmas, birthdays of your loved ones, or maybe the independence day of our beloved nation, these are the moments where we plan to gift some special things to our family and friends. 

Well, this may be surprising, but it takes a lot of effort to deliver your vehicle at your doorstep so, if you are looking to gift a vehicle to your loved ones, hiring a car shipping company for your delivery. 

How Can You Ship Your Gifted Vehicle To The Beloved?

The process of hiring a vehicle shipping company can be complicated if you are not familiar with the shipment process. And if you are gifting a vehicle for the first time, you need to have all the necessary information to have your journey trouble-free. 

Well, you may be wondering what exactly do I need to do to deliver my vehicle? Don’t worry. We will discuss the whole process of shipment in a step-by-step manner so that you can have a wonderful car shipping journey. 

Here are some of the necessary steps that you need to follow if you are planning to move your vehicle through a shipping company. 

Shipping Gifted Cars

Search the Right Way 

Once you have decided to gift a car to your loved one, the first question that may trigger in your mind will be what I should do for this gifted shipping process? Well, the first thing that you need to do is to do research the right way. Go online, and look for the reliable car shipping companies in your area. 

A good way to find the right shipping company is to check the testimonials and feedback of the customers. The customer feedback is always genuine. It will give you an idea of where the company stands. You can find the shipping companies all across the US. But finding the right one should be your goal. 

Get Online Quotes

Well, after choosing the shipping company, the next step is to get online car shipping quotes. Finding quotes is not difficult. Almost every shipping company provides online quotes. Go on different companies platform, get an estimate of their shipment. 

CAr Shipping Quotes- Ship A1

Get the Help of Car Shipping Calculator

When you are looking for online quotes, auto shipping quotes calculator comes handy. It will give you a rough estimate of your shipment. However, you will get a clear idea of the price. 

If you are planning to gift a vehicle to your loved ones on any special occasion, chances are you may get an additional discount on your shipment.

Consider Negotiating For The Price

In any business, communication is key. If you can convey your message and negotiate with the shipper, the process will become easy. Check the company’s portal, leave them a message. You can even talk with their customer support department regarding your queries. Have a conversation about the price and start negotiating with them. 


Better Service, Better Journey

The shipping service that you choose for your car plays a significant role in the whole shipment process. There are two shipping services that people use often. Open car transport and enclosed car transport. 

Open Air Shipping-Ship A1

Open Car Transport

The open car shipping is the most used mode of transportation. This service is inexpensive as compared to the other modes of auto transport. The vehicle is delivered with the help of an open-trailer. The main benefit of open car trailers is that you can find the shipment for your vehicle in the off-season as well. 

Enclosed Car Transport 

Enclosed car shipment is another common service offered by the shipping companies. If the gift (your vehicle) is an expensive or exotic one, then this mode of transportation is the best choice on the list. The enclosed auto transport will cost you more than the open car shipping. 

However, this mode of transportation adds an extra layer to your vehicle. The car is enclosed in a box-type trailer. This means that your vehicle is safe from the external environment. If your present (vehicle) is an expensive piece, then this mode of transportation is the best choice for your vehicle shipping. 

Check for Reliability with Affordability

From company to shippers and from shippers to customers, the whole vehicle shipping journey is built on trust. Reliable and affordable, these are the two terms that keep popping up in our minds. 

And when it comes to gifting a vehicle to your beloved ones, things become quite delicate. You will not get peace of mind until the shipping company delivers your gift to your loved one. 

Check Insurance and Reviews

The insurance policy and coverage is also an important step in the shipment process. Make sure that the vehicle shipping company that you choose offers good insurance coverage. Before making any choice, always check the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

Car Shipping Reviews-Ship A1

Ask the car shipping company’s representative about the insurance coverage they are providing. Apart from that, it is a smart step to check the company’s customer feedback and reviews. They show you where the shipping company is standing in the industry. How much worth it has? Is it a way ahead from its competitors? Are car shipping services reliable or not? These factors cannot be neglected when choosing the right vehicle shipping

Bottom Line

In short, whenever you plan to gift a vehicle to your beloved one, make sure you follow these steps. These are some of the most important factors that you need to consider when you plan to ship your vehicle. 

Ship A1 is a leading car shipping company that offers all the shipping services. We are a shipping service provider having decades of experience in the auto transport industry. You can get your quotes for your shipment. Choose your desired service and leave it to us. We will take care of your vehicle. We guarantee success with reliability and affordability.