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Auction Car Transport

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You can be an auction dealer looking for a car shipping company to ship vehicles to other states to your clients, or a customer looking for an auto mover to transport automobile to your home on another state. Ship-A1 provides auction vehicle shipping services to auction dealers and direct customers to make transportation for vehicles easy and affordable. We ship automobiles for companies like Copart, iaai, manheim, auction direct usa and etc.

Many people use a shipping company to transport their vehicles from one place to another, but none quite so much as car dealerships. There are hundreds of car auction dealers across the United States, and some like Copart and auction direct USA host auctions across the United States. If you are shipping to or from such a sale, your best option would be to find a car shipping company that provides auction vehicle auto transport services.

The Internet has played a significant role in benefitting auction car shipping companies, with the majority of customers purchasing their next car from online auto auctions, and shipping their automobile home instead of going out and driving it home. This has led to the rise of the auctioned vehicle transport industry, which plays a crucial role in the survival of the auto shipping industry. Ship-A1 is an automobile shipping business, specializing in all range of transport like cars, excavators, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles to anywhere across the United States. We have pledged to provide all-in-one auto transport solutions to all its customers and seek your trust in return for our services.

If you work for a vehicle dealership, or if you own one, then you know the importance of reliable auto transportation services to facilitate the shipment of individual automobile shipments from auction to consumers. There are a few things that you need to watch out for when getting the automobile to your customer, which includes.


When preparing to ship a vehicle for the customer, do not look for the company with an affordable price point. But look for the company which can get the job done without ultimately bankrupting you. You do not need to break the bank to ship a vehicle, you can get a necessary shipping service fit for an automobile at an affordable price.

Quality Shipping Service:

As previously mentioned, auto movers must get the vehicle to the destination on time, intact, and without any legal incidents every time. This might seem like common sense to you, but some fail at it, and these are not the type of companies you should be hiring. Experienced shipping companies boast about their services because they have the muscle to live up to their words.


According to federal law, all shipping companies should carry a valid insurance certificate. When speaking with an auto shipping representative, make sure that you understand the policy. Find out what damage is not covered, such as that which might occur during loading, offloading, and transit. A professional auto shipper like Ship-A1 will ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable with the process.

The best way to find the best car shipping auction services is to fill out our free online quote form and get multiple quotes to deliver your automobile from Ship-A1 because we are a reputable and reliable auto mover that has specialized in auction car shipping services. You can reach numerous free quotes that you can then differentiate against each other so you can find the best price to deliver your automobile. Even if you do not purchase your car at an auction, you can still get a free shipping quote, and this is a great source to help you find the appropriate auto transport company for your specific needs.

Auction Car Transport

Many customers tend to score great deals on auto auctions, but moving the automobiles to the consumers can be a challenge. In my cases, vehicles need to be removed from the auction premises right away. If clients wish to deliver their car to their home on another state, you can contact Ship-A1 for auction to consumer car shipping.

If you are selling or purchasing a vehicle through an auction, you must contemplate how the automobile will arrive at its destination. There are two main options available, either you drive the car or hire an auto mover. Choosing to ship your vehicle is the safest option because there are several advantages to hiring a professional company to transport a vehicle to or from the auction house. Down below are listed some benefits:


  • Safer Form of Transport

    We at Ship-A1 ensure that your automobile arrives in perfect condition, and so does the other shipping companies too. Driving your vehicle across the states will result in the number of miles the car will accumulate, more mileage means wear and tear, which is going to decrease your vehicle market value. With auto transport, you can rest assured that the vehicle will arrive in the condition you bought it in.

  • Customize Delivery

    At Ship-A1, we provide a wide array of services, and you can choose the type of services that best fit your car requirements. We can also ship your inoperable vehicle, and also pick your vehicle directly from auction to your doorstep and save you from spending hours stuck behind the wheel.

  • Attractive Rates and Discounts

    Many transport companies provide special discounts depending on the seasons. This feature is an advantage because it can save you a lot of money and time.

  • Save Money

    Shipping your vehicle is often your least expensive choice once you calculate all the costs. An auto carrier moves several cars at once, not just your vehicle. By Delivering your automobiles, you do not need to pay for any accommodation, food, or gas. By shipping your car, you do not have to take time off from work.

Auction Car Shipping Services

Due to many variables during the auto transport process, it is recommended to plan in advance. The type of automobile you are shipping is going to decide which method of shipment is optimal for you. Here are some of the shipping services we provide:

  • Open Carrier

    Under open carrier transport, cars are shipped in the free trailer with automobiles being exposed to the atmosphere. But do not let these facts distract you from the affordability and cheap services provided by an open container. They are the most popular mode of transportation, mostly because the vehicles are shipped on a two-level trailer with 7 to 10 automobiles shipped at one time. This makes them cheaper and provides faster services due to their efficiency.

  • Enclosed Carriers

    Enclosed carriers are covered to protect the vehicle from dust, road debris, rain, and snow. This service is optimal for antique automobiles, which require special care and experienced crew. This is a premium service that comes with added features like extra vehicle insurance, constant surveillance, and updates. This service will cost you more, but it serves to offer more protection to the car.

  • Door to Door Transport

    Under door to door transport delivery, your automobile will be picked right from your door and will be delivered to your exact location. This is the most popular method of car shipping because it is more convenient for both the auto shipping company and the customer. With door to door delivery, you do not need to drive your vehicle to a terminal. You also do not need to pay to have it spend time in a card terminal.

  • Expedited Shipping

    The speed of delivery is what matters to the customers the most. I want your vehicle to be delivered within a particular time and can not afford the delay. Under standard shipping, your car would be delivered in more than 4 days, with expedited shipping your automobile would be delivered within four days.


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