RoRo Shipping Service In The United States

RoRo Shipping Service In The United States

RoRo Shipping Service In The United States

Ever wondered how can you transport your vehicle through a car shipping service that is more reliable and less expensive. Well, there is one, It’s called “ RoRo shipping ”. When shipping vehicles overseas, there are two general shipping methods: RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) and containerized shipping. In this blog, we will talk about this method, which is most common in the United States. Many car shipping companies such as Ship A1 offer this service nationwide. 

How Does It Work?

RoRo shipping is so far the cheapest method for shipping vehicles. The vehicles are driven and loaded directly onto the shipping vessels. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the vehicle should be in running condition so that it is loaded to the shipping vessel. 

If you want to ship an oversized vehicle overseas from the United States, then using RoRo Shipping is your best choice. 

This mode of shipment is similar to a car ferry with thousands of vehicles lined up at the terminal point. There are workers present on the dock who drive these vehicles from their waiting point onto the shipping vessels. 

The process implies to vehicles of all types including tractors, SUV’s, trailers, construction vehicles, trucks, cars, bulldozers, and the like. The workers load these vehicles in a disciplined manner so that there isn’t any mess in the vicinity.  

The Procedure Of Shipment

In RoRo shipment, the vessels have built-in ramps. These ramps allow the cargo to load and unload the vehicles easily. However, you should keep in mind is that the vehicles should have a quarter tank of fuel in them. It makes it easier for the workers on the docks for loading and unloading the vehicle (For more information Check out our article on Car shipping Tips).

Previously the process of RoRo shipping was a bit different & the car batteries had to be removed which made things a bit difficult. But now, there are ramps available which has made the process much more comfortable than before. Moreover, shipping your vehicles through this mode of transportation is much cheaper than any other methods of shipping.

If we talk about the procedure of RoRo shipping, it is very simple but effective. You have two options to go with. Either you can deliver the vehicle to the port terminal on your own, or you can hire a transporter to pick up the car from your destination and deliver it to the terminal point.

However, in both cases, there is no inspection for the vehicle. The authorities at the port do not take any responsibility. They are only responsible for the loading and unloading of your vehicle. 

Apart from this, the vehicles are queued up at the docks with the keys left so that they can be loaded and unloaded. This makes it easier for workers to drive the vehicles onto the vessel for the shipment. This implies to all types of vehicles regardless of their size and shape.

What Makes RoRo Shipping Different?

There are a lot of shipping companies that provide this mode of shipment. But apart from all the similarities, it has with other shipping methods if you are looking to ship oversized vehicles overseas, then this shipping method is the only better option to choose. 

Several car shipping companies offer this service. So you can find reliable companies all over the United States easily. This method is also suitable if you want your vehicle to arrive faster. And if you are not shipping personal items along with these vehicles and your vehicle is in running condition then this is the best option to go for. 

Moreover, this mode of transportation is much less expensive than other methods of shipping. To sum up, we can say that RoRo shipping is the best method if you are looking for an inexpensive way to transport your vehicle overseas. Even if your oversize vehicles, can be shipped using this method. 

Just make sure you take the help of a good car shipping service such as Ship A1 that offers exceptional services to its customers. A good shipping company knows the wants and needs of its customers. It will provide the best services at affordable rates and this is what makes it the right choice to go for.