21 Auto Transport Tips To Prepare Your Car For Shipment

21 Auto Transport Tips To Prepare Your Car For Shipment

21 Auto Transport Tips To Prepare Your Car For Shipment

If you are looking to ship your car across the state, follow these tips that we will discuss in the article. Most people have experience with Auto Shipping. But there are many who have never shipped a vehicle before. 

In this guide, we will discuss some of the main auto shipping tips that will help you with the shipping journey. These tips will not only help you in your shipment process but they will also save you both time and money in the long run. Follow these steps in order to make your shipment journey a memorable one. 

  • Only Put The Information On Relevant Sites 

Auto Shipping Tip#1-Ship A1

When you go on the internet, in search of your vehicle shipment, you will find an ample of auto shipping companies. With this growing number of vehicle shipping companies, the risk of fraud has increased. You will receive inappropriate emails and phone calls from a number of websites where you put the information. It gets difficult to find a reputable shipping company. The quotes generated are mostly are not legitimate or operable for the standard passenger vehicles. 

These companies do fraudulent acts. They focus on presenting a very low price for the auto transport that you give them an upfront non-refundable deposit. Once you pay the price, there is no chance of getting it back. Moreover, you will not get any car shipping quotes or auto transport services. It is just a scam.

  • Don’t Go For The Lowest Shipping Price 

Don't Go For Low Rates

Many people tend to go for the cheapest car hauling price. In fact, the first question that comes in their mind is what is the cheapest way to ship a car? You can find many companies that offer cheap auto transport services but the services they provide are not suitable in any case. In fact, the lower the price, the poor the auto shipping service. This happens in most of the cases. Many companies ask for the upfront payment. Once you have paid the price for your car hauling, there is no chance of getting your money back. 

As a result, your vehicle will not move as the carrier generally does not accept the lower prices. These car transport companies simply fool customers. The low-ball the customer into using their services. They ask for the upfront payment. Once they get the payment. They simply vanish. Therefore, try to find the right auto transport company for your car hauling. Do not always go for the cheap price. Although finding a suitable and cheapest way to ship a car is always desirable. But getting the right auto transport service is more important. 

  • Choose the Right Car Transport Company

Choose The Right Car Shipping Company-Ship A1

Make sure that you choose the right auto transport company for your shipment. Get all the necessary details for the shipment. Read all the terms and conditions before deciding on the right car transport company. In addition to that, if you place a reservation online, your e-signature is the most important element for the shipment.

  • Select A Company And Stick With It

Stick To The Car Shipping Company You've chosen

Choose the right auto transport company and stick with it. Don’t double-book with multiple car transport companies. You will experience a bad shipping journey. It is better to stick with one car hauling company. Sometimes, two auto transport companies try to move the same vehicle. The drivers will pass that vehicle and move on to the other one. The car hauling companies that offer the lowest price often fail to find the carrier service for your vehicle.

In fact, all shippers use the carrier. In this case, they usually transport the vehicles with the highest paying bids.

  • Check the Reviews and Feedback

Check Car Shipping Reviews & Feedbacks

The reviews and feedback will clearly show the real face of a car hauling company. Indeed, these are the genuine feedback that a customer gives. They are natural and genuine. They will determine where the company stands in the car hauling industry. The reviews show how well the car transport company communicates with its customers. 

Above all, they are clearly genuine emotions and feelings. Positive feedback means the service is good. The same goes for negative feedback. It means the service was not good and the customer did not appreciate the service.

  • Remove All the Unnecessary Stuff 

Remove Stuff Before Car Transport

Before making any move for your car transport, make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for shipment. There are certain things to keep in mind when preparing your vehicle for shipment.

Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle. Inspect the vehicle clearly before auto transport. 

  • Don’t Fully Fuel Up the Tank 

Car Shipping Tip#6 Keep Your Fuel Tank Low.

A good habit is to fill less than a quarter tank of fuel. This not only decreases the weight of the vehicle but also helps the shippers in loading and unloading the vehicle. Besides that, the car transport company appreciates it. The lesser the weight on a carrier, the better the fuel economy. As a result, the car hauling company will cost you less. Apart from this, it is better to wash your vehicle before the pickup and in addition to that, disable the alarm system before the car transport.

  • Make Sure the Shipping Service Inspects the Vehicle

Make sure the Company checks your car before shipment

Once you inspect the vehicle on your own, also make sure that the car hauling service provider also inspects the vehicle. They will inspect the vehicle and will make a vehicle condition report. The car transport company will then ask you to sign it and will hand over a copy of the report for your records.

Keep a copy of the record with you as in case of any mishap, you will have proof to show to the auto transport company. Because when it comes to exotic car transport, safety is the main concern for both the client and the shipper. 

  • Inspect the Car at the Arrival 

Inspect after car shipping

When the shipment arrives, inspect it. Ensure that the car is in the same condition as it was before the shipment. Make sure there are no dents or scratches. This step is crucial when it comes to exotic vehicle hauling. As the vehicles are expensive and a single scratch during the shipment can cost you a lot. So make sure that the shipping company inspects the vehicle on time.

  • Be Careful With the Fraud

Beware Of Car Hauling Frauds

The growing number of auto shipping industries has made it difficult for customers to find the right one because of the equally growing number of scams. Less reputable car transport shippers will make false statements like "We can ship your car instantly as we have the hauler in your area". But the reality is different from the said statement. They do not have any idea about the carriers or from where they should arrange it. They do this just to get the upfront non-refundable payment or deposit. 

Moreover, they will tell you that the shipment is possible when you will pay the bills. After the payment, we will ship your vehicle within just a few days. So the key factor that you need to remember is not to mix the right auto transport service with the cheapest way to ship a car. Because the right shipping company will probably charge more for their service. And remember, "All that glitters is not gold." So make the right choice. 

  • Always Pay Through the Safest Mode 

Car Shipping Payment

There are some car transport companies that play the devil’s role in this industry. They will ask you to pay before the shipment. The payment methods that they usually ask for are check, E-check, or wire transfer. This is the fraud they do. If you pay by these methods or even through other online methods that are not safe, the chances of getting your money back are almost none.

Moreover, if these less reputable auto transport companies only offer PayPal, then stay away! The reason behind this is they only offer PayPal because they did not qualify for the merchant account. This happens when they have a high number of disputing charges from customers. They have violated the agreement of the main payment providers. 

  • Don’t Pay the Full Amount Prior to the Shipment 

Car Shipping Tips

It is always a better and safe option to pay the auto transport company once they have loaded the vehicle on the carrier. If you pay before the shipment, there is a huge risk as they might not ship your vehicle. Do not pay for the shipment before the auto transport company loads the vehicle to the hauler.

If the car transport company says they have the carrier in your area, ask for the full information. If they fail to do so, it means that they don't have a carrier, they just want your money.

  • Make A Schedule For Your Shipment


Plan Schedule

When it comes to auto transport, planning is everything. Schedule your shipment ahead of time. It becomes difficult if you have not planned or scheduled everything before your shipment. The method of auto shipping is different from other online delivery methods. The vehicle safety and the availability of the drivers are the top priorities. So it is important to be realistic with your schedule.  

  • Check the Insurance Policy

Make sure the car shipping company gives a proper insurance

Many car transport companies offer insurance coverage. It is important to look for the insurance coverage of the company you are choosing. Check what services they are offering in their policy. If the auto shipping company is providing adequate insurance coverage, then there is no need to go for any additional insurance.

  • Make Pre-Booking

You Should Book The car Shipping Service before time

Shipping the vehicle through auto transport can take anywhere from a few days to weeks and from weeks to months in some cases. It depends on the shipping method, location, and services you choose. In fact, there are delays sometimes during the shipment as one there are some things that are outside of our control. If you need your car at the desired time, make sure to book it ahead of time. 

  • Take Advantage Of GPS Tracking If Available

Make sure the car shipping company has GPS tracking

It is better to take advantage of GPS tracking if the auto transport company is offering such a traceable service. This system will allow you to track the location of your vehicle when the car is on its route. This will give you peace of mind. However, you can also contact the customer service representative in case of any query. 

  • Always Keep the Location of Mind 

Keep in Mind the Car Shipping location

Location can sometimes create hindrance during the auto shipping. You need to check whether the area is accessible through the highway. Will the carrier reach your area easily? As sometimes it is difficult for the service provider to reach your desired spot. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate shipping service for your vehicle. 


  • Plan Ahead


Plan Your Auto Shipping Ahead Of Time

Always plan ahead. Make the timetable for your shipment journey. Your starting and ending point will determine your auto transportation. Always look to transport your vehicle at the best time of the year. Be aware of the car hauling trends. The auto transport companies are busier during the summers. Therefore, planning is the key to a successful auto shipping journey. 

  • Go Thoroughly Through the Shipment Contract 

Make sure you read the car shipping contract

Before you select the auto transport company, check their license and agreement. Go through all the policies. Never sign to any contract, agreement, or any document before reading it. You will get into trouble if you sign the contract or agreement before reading it. As different companies have different policies. The terms and conditions can differ. In case you have any concerns regarding the policies, ask the auto shipping service provider.

  • Change the License Plate In Case of Interstate Shipping

CHange The NUmber plate after interstate car shipping

If you moving to another state, then you need to change the license plate. As moving to a different state means the laws and regulations will change too. Not only you will need to change the registration of your vehicle but also the title information. For this, you can go online to complete the registration. The process of changing the license plate and the registration usually takes 30 to 60 days after moving to a different state. 

  • Be Calm and Patient, Enjoy

Relax Whie The Auto Shipping Company Does It's Job

After all, auto transport aims to make your life easier. Indeed, car hauling is easy, stress-free, reliable, safe, and affordable. The aim of a good transport company is to give its customers peace of mind. So enjoy your auto shipping journey without having any trouble.   

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