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Heavy Equipment Hauling | Shipping Your Heavy Equipment |Ship A1 - ShipA1

Heavy Equipment Hauling | Shipping Your Heavy Equipment |Ship A1

Heavy Equipment Hauling | Shipping Your Heavy Equipment |Ship A1

Heavy Equipment Hauling | Shipping Your Heavy Equipment |Ship A1

With technology transforming everything around us it's is only natural that things like heavy equipment shipping services will also change. This article will give you an idea about the requirements for shipping heavy equipment in 2019. One thing that you need to inculcate in mind that heavy equipment hauling is far different from the shipping of vehicles.

Moving Bulldozers and trucks require the entirely different expertise of shipping. Though it’s a daunting task but not impossible.

With Ship A1 nothing is impossible! We have a knack for Shipping heavy equipment. All the tools and hauling trailers that are specially designed for the heavy equipment is what Ship A1 is rigged with. No matter whether you need to move a Forklift, Vacuum truck, Bulldozer or even excavators we are ready to do handle all your headaches.

How to get it done & what are the requirements?

You need to provide your details to Ship A1 and you are halfway there. But just like when hauling your car you share information, here also you need to do so. But what are those requirements?

Since you are hauling mega equipment you need to provide the following details regarding your shipment:

  1. Exact timings of when do you need your shipment delivered & at what time?
  2. Your address of the location of your pickup and delivery.
  3. You need to tell about the width, height and the weight of your equipment. In short, you need to tell about the dimensions.
  4. The name and the model of the car will also be asked of you.

What rigs will be needed for heavy equipment hauling?

It isn’t like all the heavy equipment shipments will be hauled by the same standard trailers. There is a vast category of methods with which your heavy equipment will be hauled. The factor that will determine the method is the dimension of your equipment. Here are the commonly used trailers for heavy equipment hauling:

  1. Hotshot trailers.
  2. Flatbed trailers.
  3. Lowboy trailers.
  4. Gooseneck trailers.
  5. Extendable trailer for special needs.

Legal demands for heavy equipment hauling:

There are only a handful of bureaucratic hurdles when you want to do the car hauling. But this is not the case with heavy equipment hauling. The auto hauling company have to first know about your shipment type and then will confirm if there are any legal limitations or not.

You have to have the necessary permits in specific states while shipping. Along with that, there are some additional insurance requirements too. So the auto hauling company will first make sure that is there a need for some special permits or additional insurance. After extracting the information they will let you know about these things:

    1. Time for shipment: As you already know that fulfilling the legalities is a must when moving your equipment. So, those legalities during transit will cause more time for shipment delivery. Thus you will come to know the exact time of the delivery of the shipment.
    2. The total cost of shipment: The cost of the shipment includea bundle of costs. That includes insurance and permit fee. Tax and the fee that you pay at the highways known as toll fee.  So, you will exactly be aware of the amount it would cost you for shipping heavy equipment.

After knowing all the vital information you need to put your trust in Ship A1. We are among the most reputed companies that deal with heavy equipment shipping. All our truckers are FMCSA registered and we consider it an insult to lack in the licensing requirements in any way. You will be reminded by our customer care department before the pickup and the offloading of your equipment.