Avoid Vehicle Shipping Scams

Avoid Vehicle Shipping Scams

Avoid Vehicle Shipping Scams

The advent of technology has changed the way we live, think, and work. The internet has made our lives easier. But it has also made us dependable. When it comes to vehicle shipping in the USA, you will find ample of companies offering the same service to ship your car. The growing number of companies in this industry has brought up many challenges as well. The number of scams has increased. A lot of people play the role of victims because of the growing number of scams in the industry. 

How Scamming Works?

Let suppose you buy a vehicle from a different state. The chances are you will transport the vehicle to your home through a car shipping company. Well, it seems simple. You find a great company online, get online vehicle shipping quotes, and choose your desired service. The company you choose offers you the lowest price of the shipment. You thought that you had made the right choice, and your decision will save you both time and money. But guess what, you pay the price and its gone. The shipment will never arrive. 

So, what happened with the shipment? Well, you get scammed. Auto transport scamming has two variations. 

  • The transport company uses illegitimate means and practices to charge the customer but does not deliver the vehicle. 
  • The company you choose was a replica of a really reliable shipping company, such as Ship A1. The scammer uses the fake logo and fabricates emails and even the company’s credentials. The real company does not have any involvement with the shipment.  

Tips to Avoid Transport Service Scam 

The scam is everywhere. You have to beware of such fraudulent acts going online. Whether you are buying online or you are in search of service for your work. The internet is available to everyone. Anyone can access it. This has led to the potential of scamming more to the public. When it comes to shipping, an average person becomes a victim of scamming as they do not have the proper insight into the vehicle shipping industry. 

There are many safety measures you can take to avoid transport scam. But still, some companies do scam and manage to steal your money. So, whenever you are looking for a car shipping company to ship your vehicle, keep these few simple steps in your mind to make sure that the company is legitimate. 

Check the Company’s Website

The companies involved in the scam have websites that are not structured well. There are flaws on every page. You will find grammatical errors. The page does not include proper guidelines and will mislead you. Moreover, there won’t be any contact information on the company’s site. 

A good tip to check whether the company is a real one is to check the company MC# (motor carrier number), as all the reliable companies have it available on their website for their customers. 

Check their Contact Information 

Almost every reliable vehicle shipping company have a telephonic option available. It is the cheapest mode of communication. Nearly every reliable shipping company prefers to communicate via phone. It allows more control and faster response times between shippers, drivers, and customers.

The companies involved in the fraudulent activities and scams, often avoid giving their contact information. And in most cases, they do not have any of it. Some fake companies do provide a contact number. These companies are a bit difficult to spot. However, all it takes is a phone call, and you will get an idea of the shipping company. 

If the shipping company refuses to provide you with the information about them and their services, and are unwilling to give the license broker freight, you can write them on your scam list. 

Check the Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback

The reviews and feedback are a great source to spot a scamming company as they show you the real image of the company. They are natural and genuine. They will show you where the company stands in the market and whether the company is real or a scam.

The reviews may be negative or positive. If the company is a scam, then there will not be any negative review on the company’s site. These companies do not last too long. A real company will have both positive and negative reviews. This shows that the company is legit and they are active with their customers. 

How to Report a Vehicle Shipping Scam 

If you spot a scammer, make your friends and family aware of the transport company. Share their fraudulent activities on social media. You can officially report the company to the Federal Trade Commission as well. 

The bottom line is that there is a lot of scams going on the internet. You will find a lot of shipping companies that are involved in the scam and fraudulent activities. However, if you want to ship your vehicle through a reliable and affordable company, Ship A1 is the best choice to choose from the list. We provide exceptional car shipping services all across the USA. So, get your online quotes and choose the service and ship your vehicle with us.