A cost-efficient and a stress free way of shipping your heavy equipments.

Out of the dozen other companies that claim to be Heavy equipment shipping companies, only a few are the ones that would actually be able to haul your car in a successful way without getting your equipment hurt. We have also specialized personnel that has core competencies for this kind of shipment.

Frequent Delivery

The delivery of heavy equipment is often needed to shift it from one site to another that’s is why we have special focus on frequent movement of heavy equipment.

Insurance Coverage

One of the most important aspect while shipping heavy equipment is the risk of damage which is protected with complete Insurance coverage.

Ins & Outs of Heavy Equipment

  • Type of trailers used in Heavy Equipment

    A vast majority of the heavy equipments are being shipped by a hotshot trailer or a lowboy trailer. Our network of skilled truckers know how to pickup & offload equipment.

  • Kind of equipments that could be shipped

    There are a plethora of equipment types that could be shipped. Such as semi tractors, tanks, forklifts, and bulldozer. At ShipA1 we have the right match of truckers & trailers.

  • Affordable cost for shipping

    The good news is that the price to ship a heavy equipment wouldn’t be as big as the size of your equipment. We have affordable prices with optimum service.

Information required from you

There is some certain information that you need to provide when you want to ship heavy equipment. Here it is:

  • The quantity of the equipment you need to transport.
  • The make and model of equipment that needs to be shipped.
  • Dimensions of equipment such as height, weight etc.
  • In how much time it needs to be shipped?
  • Location for both pickup and drop-off.