International Vehicle Shipping: A Cost Comparison

International Vehicle Shipping: A Cost Comparison

International Vehicle Shipping: A Cost Comparison

Gone are the days when we used to think of how we will ship our vehicle across the seas. As shipping to a foreign land was expensive and tiring. International vehicle shipping is what has changed the drastically & delivering vehicles abroad has become very easy. However, shipping a car to another country is still much more complicated than transporting your vehicle within the state. 

A lot of factors are involved in international shipping. As a result, there is a huge difference in price between international and local shipping. The price difference depends upon a lot of factors as international car delivery service involves customs, taxes and there is a huge work of documentation process. 

Shipping Services For Overseas Transportation

Whenever you plan to ship a vehicle overseas, there are two main options you can go for Roll-on/ Roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping. It depends on your vehicle type, preferences and how much you are willing to spend as the more you spend, the better the service will be. However, do not have to be in a panic. Both the methods are suitable for almost any type of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and the like. We will take a brief look at both the methods so as to give you a clear view of the insights of international shipping and its cost comparison.

RoRo Shipping:

To make it simple, RORO shipping is the most common and cheapest mode of transportation if you want to ship your car abroad at cost-effective rates. There are two ways in this method. Either you can drive your vehicle to the port terminal or let the car shipping company pickup your vehicle and driving it the port. 

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that the vehicle should be in running condition. It makes easier for the workers at the port to load and unload the vehicle to the vessel. This method is the cheapest method if you want your car ship overseas. 

LoLo Shipping:

Similar to RoRo service, there is Lift on/ Lift off (LoLo) shipping as well. The only main difference between the two is that in LoLo shipping the vehicle loads and unloads with the help of cranes and other lifting devices rather than driving the vehicle onto the vessel. However, the main service and cost-effective service between the two is RoRo shipping. 

Container Shipping: Unlike RoRo shipping, we have container shipping to ship your vehicle abroad which uses special loading procedures. The car is delivered to the port terminal and then it is driven into the containers carefully. There they are settled into the containers in a proper way. 

Things That Determine Shipping Rates

If you want to have an insight into the cost of the local & international vehicle shipping than there can either be a huge or slight difference. A lot of factors come into play such as the shipping service, vehicle type, and the distance. However, potential customs and shipping insurance is also involved when it comes to international shipping. 

The shipping price within the United States can vary anywhere between $450 to $2000 depending upon the vehicle type, size and the distance traveled. On the contrary, transporting your vehicle to a foreign land can cost more. It usually costs around $1000 to $5000 as the process is different from delivering your vehicle within the state. You have to go through the documentation process before the shipment. Along with that, you will need to clear all the customs work and taxes. 

One thing to talk about here is that you will not ship your car within the state through any of the above services. The most common services for delivering the vehicle within the country is open-air and enclosed car shipping. The cheapest one between the two is the open car shipping. 

Look For Safety With Compatible Rates  

Apart from that, you need to have good insurance coverage whenever you ship a car across the country. There are a lot of car shipping companies that offer good insurance coverage along with the service. You can not rely on merely on the service as mishaps can happen anytime. Always keep the safety measures in mind whenever you plan for vehicle shipping.

The best way to get a comparison between the international vehicle shipping and local by getting the help of the car shipping quotes. You can easily get the idea of your transportation journey overseas. Find a good company that offers international shipping at market competitive rates such as Ship A1, which has an exceptional history for providing exceptional services to its valuable customers for decades. You can also get the help of our car shipping calculator to have a rough estimate of your trip. So start your journey and we will guarantee you success.