How to Use the Vehicle Shipping Calculator

How to Use the Vehicle Shipping Calculator

How to Use the Vehicle Shipping Calculator

Shipping quotes given by transporting rates calculator is the rough estimate of what will cost you to ship your vehicle from point A to point B. There is specific input used by the shipping companies to prepare working algorithms that will determine your average shipping cost. The significant advantage of a shipping calculator is that you can get multiple free quotes that you can then compare against each other so you can find the best rate of transport in your automobile. Even if you do not ship your vehicle from us, our service is free and is a great resource to help you find the right auto transport company for your specific needs.

How to use the Car Shipping Calculator

You can quickly get your shipping quote from our website. In this extensive guide, we will tell you about the process to get your shipping quote.

  1. Step 1: The first thing and the most important thing to identify is that which type of automobile you are shipping, is it a Car, Motorcycle, heavy vehicle, or an ATV/UTV.
  2. Step 2: Provide us with your Name, Phone number, and Email for communication purposes. We promise that your personal information would be with us and would not be shared online. 
  3. Step 3: You are now required to mention where your car is shipped FROM and where it is being transported TO. At Ship-A1, we deliver vehicles to any city within the United States.
  4. Step 4: After adding the FROM and TO location, you are requested to specify automobile make and the automobile model. You can rest assured that your car is listed in our database because we have an extensive catalog of automobile models and names for both foreign and the US-made vehicles.
  5. Step 5: Now, you are required to select the service between the open and enclosed trailer, and also mention whether your automobile is operable or inoperable.
  6. Step 6: After giving the required details, you can proceed by clicking to "Calculate Price." After that, our car shipping calculator will do its work, and our team will shortly contact you via the contact details you have provided.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Shipping your Car

When getting a car quote. One should have a basic understanding of the factors that influence the cost. So let’s take a look a look at the main factors contributing to affect the auto shipping quote.

Location and Distance

The auto transport company factors in fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs involved during auto hauling. Location is the primary factor affecting the shipping quote because of the type of location where you want to deliver your automobile in the cost of transport. For instance, if you are going to move your car to a major city, they may offer a reduced auto shipping price, because maneuvering within the city is easier for trailers. If your vehicle is transported to a rural area, where the carrier may have to stir away from their main quote, they may ask for more price.


Season plays a role in how much your car shipping cost. In the summer season, there is more demand for shipping, and loads are picked up faster. Since the demand is higher than the supply, prices go high. Auto-shipping in winter can be cheap because there is less demand. Factors like how road visibility and snow forces truck drivers to slow down as a safety precaution, making transit process slow. To protect your vehicle from snow and haze during winter, an enclosed carrier is advisable.

Time is Money

A standard auto shipping takes more than 4 days, and if you wish to ship your car on urgent notice, then Expedited Shipping Service is the way to go, but this service would cost you a lot. If you have more time to have your car picked up, then opting for the standard service will save you money. You can learn more about expedited shipping service from our blogs at Ship A1.

Size and Weight

The type of vehicle is another factor that may influence your cost. This is because the more significant the automobile has more weight and occupies space. Resulting in additional value for shipment and affecting the total number of vehicles that can be transported. You can use these factors to calculate the shipping cost for your car. However, you can get free online quotes from Ship A1, and can also get expert advice on these matters.

At Ship-A1, we understand that your automobile is your valuable and highly-priced item. If you are moving, you would definitely not put it in the hands of an unauthorized transporting company. The process of moving, either a short distance or long distance, is both stressful and demanding. Most people prefer hiring the services of a respective transporting company such as Ship-A1, to avoid the pressure and stress that comes with the entire process.

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