Factors That Influence Car Shipping Quotes

Factors That Influence Car Shipping Quotes

Factors That Influence Car Shipping Quotes

Shipping your car from one location to another is a moneymaking business because each and everyone requires its services. From normal individuals to large automobile companies, all hire the services of all such agencies who specialize in automobile shipping.


When getting a car shipping quote. However, one should have a basic understanding of the factors that influence the cost. Car shipping cost is not uniform across all states, so let's take a look at the main factors that can affect the auto shipping quote.

Distance & Location

The car shipping company factor in fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs involved in long-distance auto hauling. Distance is not the main determinating factor. The type of location where you want to ship your car plays a role in the cost of transportation. For instance, if you're going to send your vehicle to a major city like Los Angeles, they may offer a reduced auto shipping quote, because maneuvering within these cities is easier for trailers. If your car is transported to a rural area, where the carrier may have to stir away from their main route, they may ask for more fare.


Time is Money

A standard car shipping takes 1  to 5 days, and if you wish to ship your car on urgent notice, then Expedited Shipping Service is the way to go, but this service costs you a lot. If you have more time to have, your car picked up, then opting for the standard service will save you money.



Weather can play a role in how much your car shipping cost. Car transporters charge higher costs in summer as compare to winter. In summer, there's more demand for shipping, and loads are picked up faster, so car shipment gets a boost. Since the market is higher than the supply, prices go high. Therefore, some people are willing to pay premium prices to get their vehicles onto the truck faster. Auto transport companies make capital out on this fact to compensate for the slower winter season.


Car shipping in winter can be cheap cause there is less demand. Auto-shipping companies are competing for business and have more open spaces on carriers that they are trying to fill. Factors like low road visibility and snow forces truck drivers to slow down as a safety precaution, making transit process slow. To protect your vehicle from snow and haze during winter, enclosed shipping is advisable. But more on that in the shipping option.


Shipping Option

Primarily, there are four shipping services provided by auto shipping companies, and the service you choose will determine the vehicle quotes.

  • Enclosed Transport: cars are transported in a closed container. Therefore, the vehicle is protected from weather and road debris, providing an added level of vehicle protection. Enclosed Transport is a premium service with drivers having experience in the care for the high-end vehicles. Due to the enclosed carrier, fewer cars can be shipped, which makes it expensive. People choose this service because it provides constant communication and updates and more excellent insurance protection.
  • Open Transport: cars are transported in an open container. As the standard shipping method of an entire industry, it is cheaper and faster than the major alternative. These open carriers are lighter and consume less fuel, and they make about 90 percent of all auto carriers in the US. Their availability makes them faster to schedule and also more quickly transported. However, your car will be unprotected against elements, car leaks, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Terminal to Terminal Service: You have to take your vehicle to a terminal for pickup. After delivery, you have to collect it from the terminal. This service is cost-effective, cause you don't need to pay extra to the shipping company for delivering the vehicle to your doorstep. If you are in a rural area, this service is the option for you.
  • Door to Door Service: This is a suitable service providing you the leisure that your car would be picked and delivered at your preferred location. The price would be higher than compared to terminal to terminal. To make most out of this service, you must reside in a major city because this service would cost you more in rural areas.

Size and Weight

Lastly, the type of vehicle is another factor that may influence your transport cost. This is because the bigger vehicle has more weight and occupies extra space. Resulting in additional value for shipment and affecting the total number of cars that can be transported.


Depending on your budget, you can choose the best option for yourself. For instance, you can opt to ship your car in the winter season using a terminal to terminal service. Moreover, when shipping your vehicle, make sure that your fuel tank is less than half-filled, reducing your car weight, and saving you money.


You can use these factors to estimate the shipping cost for your car. However, you can get free online quotes from Ship A1, and can also get expert advice on these matters.