Exotic Car Shipping in Florida

Exotic Car Shipping in Florida

Exotic Car Shipping in Florida

Florida - The Sunshine State - is famous for its numerous tourists’ points. It is home to many famous people and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is the centerpiece of vacations for many tourists. The best way to tour the state is via vehicle. 

There is sunshine everywhere in the state, and it has the most beautiful sunsets. There is much to explore in Florida, which is why, it is better to have your own vehicle. This factor plays a major role when it comes to transportation. Car shipping in Florida plays a significant part in the process of transportation. 

Measures to Take for Expensive Car Transport 

Whether you are planning to move your vehicle from Florida to other states or from other states to Florida, it is better to take the help of transport companies. Suppose you want your car to ship to the state, search for a reliable auto company. But if the car is an exotic one, you will find the most protective measures for shipping. 

If the vehicle you want to ship is an exclusive model, such as Mclaren, GT-R, or a Porsche 718 Boxster, then it requires utmost attention during the shipment. But how to move these high-end pieces to another state or within the state? This is the first question that pops up in our mind when we plan for shipment. The most important part when searching for a transport company is to choose the right one. 

Better the Company, Better the Service

Select the right vehicle transport company, and the rest of the shipment process will be trouble-free. This will require you to have a clear understanding of the auto shipping industry. What are the latest shipping trends? Which season is most favorable to ship a high-end piece to Florida? Which service is suitable for an exotic car transport? 

Having a sound knowledge of these questions will make your journey hassle-free.  

Other Aspects to Take Into Consideration 

Check Reviews & Quotes- Ship A1

Apart from choosing a reliable and affordable auto company, there are some other factors that you need to take into consideration when you decide to hire a car shipping company to ship your exotic car in Florida. 

  • Get Online Quotes 

Once you have selected the company, check for the online car shipping quotes. You can get online quotes on companies’ platform. 

  • Check for the Reviews and Feedback

Always check for the reviews and testimonials on the company’s online platform. They give a clear image of where the company stands in the market. How good are the services? Check them before making any decision. 

  • Choose Service

You have to choose the right transportation service. The service you choose will determine how your trip will go. The better the service, the better the journey. 

However, when it comes to exotic auto transport in Florida, it is better to choose the enclosed car hauling service. Whether it’s a Ferrari 488 GTB or a Lamborghini Aventador, this service is the best option to choose from the list of transportation modes.   

Which Cities are Expensive to Ship Vehicles In Florida?

You may be wondering which cities are the most expensive to ship your high-end vehicle. Well, many factors come into play when the price is the concern. The key factor is the pickup and drops off location. 

The cities that are more out of the way from the Florida destination will cost you higher for your shipment. The snowbird destinations will also cost more. Snowbird destinations inhabited cities are the most expensive places to ship your car in Florida.  

At What Times Shipping is Most Expensive?

Although there are ample factors that can influence the cost when shipping your exotic car in Florida, the main factor is always the time of the year. 

The state has fluctuations in the seasons, going from spring to summer. The city has seasonal effects. So, the cost can vary when shipping your luxurious car in Florida.

If possible, avoid these time frames as they are among the most expensive time for car shipping in Florida. 

  • Snowbird’s Arrival

The arrival of snowbird starts in November and ends in December. The shipping rates are at a peak during this time frame in Florida.

  • Snowbird’s Departure 

The departure of snowbird is in late spring. Shipping a car during this time in Florida will also cost you more. 


The exotic car shipping in Florida relies on these factors. The tips that we have discussed will you in your car shipment in Florida. Ship A1 is the best platform to ship your luxurious cars in Florida. We have all the services available for your shipment. Whether it is open car shipment or the enclosed car hauling, all is available. 

You can get online quotes. Get the help of our auto shipping calculator to get an estimate of your shipment. Our customer service is available 24/7 to help you with your shipment. Get started and have a successful shipping journey with us.