Has Tim got admission in a college in Florida? Or Cathy want to spend her vacations in an adventurous place? No matter what your reason is to move to a new place, you may need the services of a car delivery.

The car delivery service is a need in today’s society. There are some steps which if you know could save yourself a lot of time and will happen to be a fuss-free way of car hauling. Now, we need to know what are those ways? There are just 3 ways of car delivery that if you follow you will have an untroubled process of car delivery.

Get quotes from the Car Delivery Service

You need to know that in which capacity are you paying the price!

All you need to do is fill a form at Ship A1 to get the quote. You will be asked about the shipment’s information and your personal information. After filling the details in that form you will then be able to get the quote. We offer the most competitive prices in the USA.

You definitely must have some queries regarding the financing of the car’s delivery. But you won’t face any kind of hassle in this regards as you can make a call to the customer services department. We have a dedicated personnel that is ready to answer all your queries.

We have a vast network of truckers that would facilitate you in fulfilling all your shipping needs. You could avail services from enclosed, open-air carrier or an expedited shipping service. Our dedicated customer service is ready to answer all your queries and is available 24/7.

Getting your vehicle picked

When you are done getting the quote. You now need to schedule your shipment’s exact date and time with the trucker. You need to select a location that is the easiest for offloading your vehicle. Because obviously, a trailer wouldn’t be able to enter narrow streets so with the mutual understanding you need to select a location with the trucker which is feasible for shipping.

At the time of the arrival of the vehicle, the first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the car’s condition. The purpose of doing so is to check whether there are any issues regarding the damage to the car. You have to sign a document which is called as:

“Bill of Lading”. It is a receipt of the car and assures that you have received the shipment of your car.

The trucker will verify if there’s any damage happened to your vehicle. If yes, then you could claim a damage of your amount. Throughout the process of transit, you will be discussing your concerns with our customer service department if there are any. Whenever you call our customer service department they will give you the live update of where our trucker has reached.

Retrieve your car

Your shipment should be on time. This is the first thing that you deserve to have. But when you are moving your vehicle with Ship A1 it is an absolute certainty.

After receiving vehicle you need to make sure that all the issues are settled down which are related to the safety of the car. During the transit, your car might get damaged due to any reason. At the time of retrieval, you need to make sure that nothing has happened to the car. And double check the payment issues whether they are settled down or not.

And that is it. Just by following these 3 simple steps you will have a struggle-free process of car delivery. There still might be some barriers during this process but Ship A1 is ready to assist you in resolving your matters.