Answering Questions - About Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle

Answering Questions - About Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle

Answering Questions - About Shipping a Non-Running Vehicle

When some auto shipping companies advertise about their vehicle transportation experience, they are referring exclusively to the work they have done with shipping running vehicles. It should be taken into account that when you want to ship a non-running car, always look for the companies that have the know-how and the experience required to handle it.


To load an inoperable vehicle onto the transport carrier a wench is required, which is additional equipment that does not come standard on transport trucks. As a result, many companies do not provide services to inoperable vehicles due to the requirement of specialized equipment and experienced crew.

What Qualifies as an Inoperable Vehicle?

A non-running or an inoperable vehicle is a term used in the auto shipping industry for any car that cannot be driven on and off the carrier securely and effectively on its own power. Most cars become inoperable due to accidents such as collisions, leading to mechanical failure. Most of the inoperable vehicles that are shipped are classic cars that are being worked on or have been recently purchased from a seller.


How To Ship Non-Running Car

Shipping an inoperable car is not that different from sending a running vehicle, there is some step that you need to take when transporting a car that does not run. We will go in-depth on it in some details.


Shipping a car requires some research, and it is generally a good practice to contact multiple shipping companies to compare prices, services, and customer satisfaction. Contacting various companies is also a good idea when looking for competing bids for a service you are seeking.


The lack of proper instruments in many carriers is a significant problem when transporting non-running vehicles. Therefore, it is critical to inform your auto shipping agent that you are having them transport an inoperable vehicle when filling the form online and during any interaction, so they are reported. As a result, the company would inform you either they are going to ship your vehicle or not, and if they are going to ship your car they can manage a carrier with a winch on it


Once you have done this, move on to contact to the next company and research them. Or save time by getting the free online quote from Ship A1, our company is among those prestigious shipping companies that provide shipping services for non-running vehicles. You can contact our experts


Special Service Cost Extra Bill

Classic vehicle shipping that involves an inoperable car will be expensive for sure. As a result, the increased cost to ship a non-working car makes sense when you consider the extra effort and equipment that is required to get it on and off the carrier.


The drivers who deal with non-working vehicles receive specialized coaching so they can safely handle the different procedures and equipment non-running require.


to Fix or Not to Fix

Considering the cost associated with shipping an inoperable vehicle, it is economical to get your car fixed before sending it. Based on why your car is not running, the cost of repairs may be lower than the cost of shipping a non-running vehicle. When shipping the car with no keys, it is cost-effective to order duplicate keys. Instead of sending your vehicle with a dead battery, installing a new battery is a cheaper option. Installing a full set of new tires will be inexpensive than the cost of having your vehicle winched onto and off of a trailer.


Factors affecting the price of Vehicle Shipping


Open Auto Transport: A winch will be used to haul the vehicle onto an open carrier. This service is cheaper than enclosed transport. But it comes with its own disadvantages, as your car would be exposed to the atmosphere and road debris. This service is optimal for domestic non-running vehicles.


Enclosed Auto Transport: A liftgate is used to load your car onto an enclosed carrier. This service comes with added features like constant communication and higher insurance, a trailer may contain additional hydraulics ramps to help load low ground clearance vehicles. Your vehicle is protected from the environment and road debris.


Size and Weight: The type of vehicle is another factor that may influence your transport cost. This is because the bigger vehicle has more weight and occupies extra space. Moreover, when shipping your vehicle, make sure that your fuel tank is less than half-filled, reducing your car weight, and saving you money.

Time Flexibility: If you have more time to have your car picked up, then opting for the standard service will save you money.

Seasons: Shipping your car in summer would expensive due to increased demand. People in summer are willing to pay twice the usual money to get their car shipped, that's why opting to ship your vehicle in winter is relatively cheaper.


Distance and location: The auto shipping company factor in fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs involved in long-distance auto hauling. The type of area where you want to ship your car plays a role in the price of freightage.